Ending Summer With A Pedicure?

Summer is coming to an end, and many of us will finish it up with a pedicure. We simple must have our toes looking great in those cute sandals before Fall and Winter, right?

Pedicures are great! They make your feet feel good. They make your feet look good. They help you relax and feel good about yourself.

While relaxation and pampering is welcomed, pedicures can be harmful as well. Be careful of the salons you choose. Asked to see if the salon is licensed. This should be displayed for you to see. Check with the salons policy’s on cleaning and disinfecting. Disposable instruments should only be used once. If you wish, bring your own instruments with you such as files, buffers, and nippers.  If salons, instruments, foot baths, technicians hands, ect. aren’t thoroughly cleaned, you can contract fungal or bacterial infections. These infections must be treated by a physician, and at times, can be difficult to treat.

If you believe you’ve contracted an infection, please give us a call. Most over the counter medications for these infections are not effective. The sooner your seek treatment, your condition will have a quicker and higher success rate of healing. Stay safe and keep your toes beautiful all year long by carefully choosing your salon.